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Alphabet Books & Magnetic Letters
Research shows that letter recognition and word acquisition greatly improve when the letters and words are taught within a familiar context. Letter Buddies assist in this transition by making each letter in the alphabet fun and easy to remember. The Letter Buddies collection includes oversized alphabet lap books, leveled readers, magnetic  letters, and a magnetic whiteboard. [Click here to learn more about Letter Buddies titles]
Oral Language Development Series
The Oral Language Development Series is a brand new approach to supporting language learners, pioneered by Hameray Publishing Group and the New Teacher Center. A product of a grant from the Hewlett Foundation to support oral language development, a group of mentors and teachers created this series to provide repeated exposure to common language structures and vocabulary in context. [Click here to learn more about the Oral Language Development Series]
Zoozoo Animal World

Zoozoo Animal World
 consists of 20 titles featuring five animals native to different regions of the world. This is a beautifully photographed, leveled nonfiction series that answers basic questions about twenty animals in four different habitats -- arctic, farm, forest, and rainforest. Repetitive sentence patterns and sight words used throughout. Talking Points are provided at the end of each title to help extend the learning and encourage discussion. 
Zoozoo Storytellers

Zoozoo Storytellers helps young students develop the oral language skills necessary to become strong and independent readers. Each title contains an upbeat, comical story designed to reinforce social values. Corresponding teacher's editions include 5-day lesson plans with activities developed by oral language expert, Dr. Lance Gentile.
Zoozoo Into the Wild

Zoozoo Into the Wild
 features elephants, frogs, giraffes, hippos, lions, orangutans, tigers, and zebras. Each animal is explored through three different genres of text: leveled fiction, leveled nonfiction, and wordless titles. This series is designed for multi-level classrooms to facilitate learning for a range of students’ reading abilities.
My World Series

The My World Collection is a 50-book series of leveled emergent informational texts designed to enhance young children’s knowledge of their world while developing an understanding of the features and characteristics of the informational text genre. Intended to support young children’s growing curiosity about the world around them, the collection is divided into five 10-book themes, each providing factual information about a different aspect of the natural or social world.
Joy Cowley Early Birds
The Joy Cowley Early Birds Collection is a new series created by Joy Cowley in response to frequent requests from teachers for lower level reading materials. Teachers have repeatedly asked for low reading levels of Mrs. Wishy-Washy titles, as well as new characters. In Set 1, we are bringing to you a total of 15 new Mrs. Wishy-Washy titles. Set 2 consists of 15 books featuring various other stories and 5 new characters, with topics ranging from baseball to dragons!
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