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Let's Draw
Let's Draw
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Let's Draw is a fun card game for groups of all ages to promote interaction and communication through drawing.
  • Containing 76 line-drawn picture cards, this versatile pack offers a variety of games including copying; describing for others to draw; drawing for others to guess; and selecting two cards (from different categories) and naming them for others to draw a picture containing both items.
  • Categories of picture include: Shapes, Simple objects, Verbs, Nature, Animals, Sports, Fun!, and the more complex category containing composite scenes such as the seaside and a supermarket.
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    StoryCards Narrative
    Featuring the familiar animal characters from earlier StoryCards packs, these four stories focus on developing narrative.
    • As well as the stories themselves, the reverse of each card provides a reproducible tool for students to create their own stories from the characters and situations.
    • Puppets of the animal characters are included to help students retell the story. Developing narrative skills will always be fun when using these beautifully illustrated picture stories and character puppets!
    What do you Mean?
    This resource is a new way of presenting idioms by visually reinforcing the implied meaning. The illustrated cards are ideal either as a fun activity resource or for using with people who interpret language literally, including those with Autistic Spectrum Disorders.
    Creative Art in Groupwork
    Highly accessible, this manual contains 142 art activities developed specifically for use with groups of people of all ages. Activities include drawing, painting, collage and sculpture, covering themes such as relationships, emotions, culture, spirituality and celebrations. Each activity includes step-by-step instructions, and information on the aim, suitable age range, time to allow, suggested group numbers and materials required. Includes a brief history and rationale of art in groupwork.
    Expressive Verbs
    These bold, vibrant and often humorous photo-cards illustrate actions that have intrinsic meaning. Suitable for a wide range of people including those with pragmatic disorders, those needing to develop alternative and augmentative communication skills, and those needing to improve their receptive and expressive language.
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