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The Paranormal
Download - The Paranormal
Single: $9.95     6-Pack: $59.70

Ghosts, monsters and things that go bump in the night! Talking to the dead! You've heard the stories but do you believe them? Read this book and make up your own mind.

Written by Sarah Fleming
48 pages
Guided Reading Level: S*

*Level has been changed to reflect Fountas & Pinnell level recommendation

Download is a new series of 16 high interest, high drama books created to support striving readers. They are written to engage struggling readers for whom reading is a difficult or frustrating task. Interest Age: 9-14 years. Reading Age: 7-8 years.

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Other customers have purchased:
Single: $9.95     6-Pack: $59.70

Nature's still the boss, and she isn't always pretty! Powerful winds and towering waves. Emergency teams in disaster zones. Feel the real power of nature!
Download - UFOs and Aliens
Single: $9.95     6-Pack: $59.70

A pilot reports flying saucers. Two Americans are kidnapped by aliens. Is it all a hoax? Or is there something out there?
The Extraordinary Files - The Headless Ghost
Single: $9.95     6-Pack: $59.70

When is a ghost not a ghost? Parker and Turnbull are called in to investigate a murky case that takes them down the train tunnels of Washington, D.C.
The Extraordinary Files - Ghost in the Screen
Single: $9.95     6-Pack: $59.70

An unsolved murder case is reopened. A computer takes on a life of its own. The ghost in the screen is telling a story and it doesn't have a happy ending...
Underwater Encounters
Single: $9.95     6-Pack: $59.70

Come learn about the creepiest sea creatures in the ocean. From barracuda to sea cucumbers, wolf eels to crocodile fish, explore some of the strangest, most exotic, and most interesting animals in the ocean.
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