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Leveled Readers 
Hameray Publishing Group offers hundreds of leveled readers.

Our most popular series of leveled readers is the Joy Cowley Collection. This series, written by award-winning author Joy Cowley, consists of 60 titles and features both beloved, familiar characters and newer ones. Fifteen titles are available in Spanish. Eight titles are available in big book format.

New in 2012 from Joy Cowley is her lower-level series Early Birds. In response to teacher demand for lower-level reading materials, Cowley presents 30 books ranging from intervention levels 3-12 (guided reading levels C-G), including 15 Mrs. Wishy-Washy tales!

The Kaleidoscope Collection
, a collection of leveled readers edited by Joy Cowley, consists of 150 fiction and nonfiction titles written by Reading Recovery teachers, teacher trainers, reading specialists, literacy coaches, and teacher leaders.

We also offer high interest, low vocabulary leveled readers for older students (Grades 3-8). These include the Download series, The Extraordinary Files, Underwater Encounters, SuperScripts, and our series of biographies.
The My World Collection is a 50-book series of leveled emergent informational texts designed to enhance young children’s knowledge of their world while developing an understanding of the features and characteristics of the informational text genre. Intended to support young children’s growing curiosity about the world around them, the collection is divided into five 10-book themes, each providing factual information about a different aspect of the natural or social world.

The Joy Cowley Early Birds Collection is a new series created by Joy Cowley in response to frequent requests from teachers for lower-level reading materials. Teachers have repeatedly asked for low reading levels of Mrs. Wishy-Washy titles as well as new characters. Hence, in this set, we are bringing to you a total of 15 new Mrs. Wishy-Washy titles and 5 new characters.

The Joy Cowley Collection is series of 60 books for striving readers, authored by Joy Cowley. Joy is an award-winning author of novels, short stories, and children's fiction, with Mrs. Wishy-Washy being her most famous character. Hameray Publishing Group is proud to offer a collection of Joy Cowley works specifically written for early readers. This collection brings back well-known and much-loved characters, like Mrs. Wishy-Washy, the Meanies, Dan the Flying Man, and Hungry Giant.
Spanish Language teachers around the country asked for Spanish-language books featuring Joy Cowley's most beloved characters. Hameray Publishing Group responded to this call and is pleased to announce the publication of Colección Joy CowleyColección Joy Cowley is a series of 15 early literacy stories featuring Joy Cowley's most popular characters: Mrs. Wishy-Washy, The Hungry Giant, Smarty Pants, Dan the Flying Man, and The Meanies. Colección Joy Cowley is easy to incorporate into any bilingual or dual language reading program. It provides guided and independent reading opportunities for all students to enjoy. 
The Kaleidoscope Collection is a 150-book series of Leveled Readers written by a team of experienced Teacher Trainers, Teacher Leaders, Literacy Coaches, Reading Specialists, and Reading Recovery Teachers, under the editorial guidance of Joy Cowley, one of the most well-loved and respected children's authors in the world. Including fiction and nonfiction titles, the series represents the best and newest approaches to highly engaging reading materials for young readers.

Zoozoo Into the Wild features elephants, frogs, giraffes, hippos, lions, orangutans, tigers, and zebras. Each animal is explored through three different genres of text: leveled fiction, leveled nonfiction, and wordless titles. This series is designed for multi-level classrooms to facilitate learning for a range of students’ reading abilities.
Zoozoo Animal World consists of 20 titles featuring five animals native to different regions of the world. This is a beautifully photographed, leveled nonfiction series that answers basic questions about twenty animals in four different habitats -- arctic, farm, forest, and rainforest. Repetitive sentence patterns and sight words used throughout. Talking Points are provided at the end of each title to help extend the learning and encourage discussion.
Download is a contemporary series of books based on exciting themes such as extreme sports, popular culture and cool new technologies. Created to support struggling readers, the series is specifically tailored for students that typically view reading as a difficult, dull or frustrating task.
The Extraordinary Files is a highly engaging collection of fiction books for struggling readers. The series follows FBI agents Parker and Turnbull through off-beat, supernatural mysteries that combine a captivating storyline with text appropriate for struggling readers.

The SuperScripts plays have been specifically written and designed to motivate struggling readers.  The plays are action-packed and easy to follow. Color-coded sections allow teachers to engage a reading group of up to six students.
The Underwater Encounters series delivers intriguing facts and first-hand accounts as told by an adventurous and well-respected author/diver, Elizabeth Cook, and the acclaimed underwater photographer, Robert Yin.
The Hameray Biography Series is specifically written to meet the needs of reluctant readers in grades 3-8. The books are written for students reading at least two levels below their grade, and the interest level is for all readers. Providing highly inspirational stories of courageous individuals, the series highlights the lives of people from different cultures, backgrounds and time periods.
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