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Available Titles 
    The Extraordinary Files Series
    The Complete Set of The Extraordinary Files includes all 16 titles in this high interest, low vocabulary book series.
    The Extraordinary Files Series
    Reg. Price:
    Sale Price:
    The Guided Reading Set of The Extraordinary Files includes 6 copies of each of the 16 titles in the series, plus the Teacher's Guide!
    The Extraordinary Files - Alien Implants
    Single: $9.95     6-Pack: $59.70

    When a routine foot operation goes wrong for Turnbull, Agent Parker comes to her aid. But can he save her from the midnight evil of Dr. Kripps?
    The Extraordinary Files - Atlanta
    Single: $9.95     6-Pack: $59.70

    A star shaped UFO nicknamed Atlanta and a faceless figure named Overlord give Parker and Turnbull a glimpse of the future. They don't like what they see. But they know that the truth is extraordinary. The truth is inside us. It is the only place where it is safe.
    The Extraordinary Files - Dawn of the Zombies
    Single: $9.95     6-Pack: $59.70

    An army of zombies can only summon their leader by making a sacrifice. Tonight is the night. It's Halloween and no one is safe...
    The Extraordinary Files - Day of Judgment
    Single: $9.95     6-Pack: $59.70

    Tidal waves strike Northern Russia. A dying monk predicts a terrifying future. Is this the end of the world?
    The Extraordinary Files - Gene Machine
    Single: $9.95     6-Pack: $59.70

    What happens when animal and human genes are mixed together? There are mutants on the loose and they're looking for revenge...
    The Extraordinary Files - Ghost in the Screen
    Single: $9.95     6-Pack: $59.70

    An unsolved murder case is reopened. A computer takes on a life of its own. The ghost in the screen is telling a story and it doesn't have a happy ending...
    The Extraordinary Files - The Headless Ghost
    Single: $9.95     6-Pack: $59.70

    When is a ghost not a ghost? Parker and Turnbull are called in to investigate a murky case that takes them down the train tunnels of Washington, D.C.
    The Extraordinary Files - Killer Robot
    Single: $9.95     6-Pack: $59.70

    Agent Parker finds some interesting ways to show Turnbull that her new boyfriend is no reliable, regular guy. Could Parker be jealous...?
    The Extraordinary Files - Mind Games
    Single: $9.95     6-Pack: $59.70

    Turnbull's incredible psychic powers transport her and Parker back in time to fight a terrible monster. Can they defeat the beast and return to the present day?
    The Extraordinary Files - The Puppet Master
    Single: $9.95     6-Pack: $59.70

    Headmistress or hand puppet? Who is running the school with the best scores in the country? Agents Parker and Turnbull go undercover to investigate.
    The Extraordinary Files - Rocket into Space
    Single: $9.95     6-Pack: $59.70

    A bomb explodes over New York City and the government blames it on terrorists. Parker and Turnbull put their lives at risk to reveal a project that should have stayed secret.
    The Extraordinary Files - Secrets and Lies
    Single: $9.95     6-Pack: $59.70

    Has the Government really been covering up alien visits to earth? Parker and Turnbull are about to make their most amazing discovery.
    The Extraordinary Files - Sleepwalker
    Single: $9.95     6-Pack: $59.70

    The Sleepwalker falls for Agent Parker (when she's not trying to kill her mother in her sleep). How can Parker tell her the bad news without risking his own life?
    The Extraordinary Files - Spider Invasion
    Single: $9.95     6-Pack: $59.70

    When a young boy's body is infested by spiders, and then goes missing, Agent Parker is on the case to discover the truth.
    The Extraordinary Files - Vampire Kiss
    Single: $9.95     6-Pack: $59.70

    A series of night attacks. A strange graveyard. Agents Turnbull and Parker are used as bait to uncover a deadly modern-day Dracula.
    The Extraordinary Files - Werewolf Eclipse
    Single: $9.95     6-Pack: $59.70

    Close encounters with a werewolf lead the agents to disobey orders. Only Parker and Turnbull can save innocent people from becoming the next victims of a werewolf attack.
    Teacher's Guide - The Extraordinary Files
    The Teacher's Guide is a great addition to this series. It offers resources, book summaries, reading group organization and more!
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