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Sneak a Peek at Story World and Real World on Pinterest!

We've put some pages from our new series   Story World–Real World   on   our Pinterest page !

Story World–Real World   is a 40-book series for the K-2 classroom that bridges traditional narrative texts to informational texts. Comprising ten traditional tales like   Little Red Riding Hood   and thirty informational texts that relate to the stories, the series meets Common Core State Standards for reading in both literature and informational texts. Each of the traditional stories is paired with three informational books that offer fun and interesting real world facts relating to specific elements from the narrative text.


Story World   is a series of traditional story tales retold by Alan Trussell-Cullen and intended to be supported by the informational texts available in the   Real World   series. While each story stands well on its own, with bright, contemporary illustrations and simple dialog, the accompanying informational texts give children a chance to more deeply understand the elements of the story and see how they tie into real life. The selection of stories is drawn from European fairy tales and Aesop's fables. Some, such as   Three Little Pigs   will likely already be familiar to children, while others, such   The Lion and the Mouse , are less known and may be novel to them.

Click here   to see our Pinterest board and take a look at the bright, interesting photography, fascinating facts, and whimsical illustrations.