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These single-level sets offer all of the English leveled readers we currently have available at each reading level. Add a just-right level range of books to your classroom library quickly and easily by selecting one level at a time. Custom multi-level sets are also available—click here to request a quote. Reading level range: A–Y.

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Book Sets by Reading Level at Levels A–Y

Choosing the best books for guided reading groups and book sets for class success will depend on several different factors, but the most important is, of course, the reading levels present among your students. Book sets for teachers and book packs for schools are most convenient when they are organized by guided reading level. You could look for book series by reading level range, or you could buy sets by individual reading level.

Kindergarten Guided Reading Books

The best guided reading books for kindergarten are going to be at guided reading levels A through D. The best A-level books will feature simple, repetitive text and also pictures that will keep students engaged. A similar format is helpful in books up to level D, though vocabulary and sentence structure will increase in complexity.

1st Grade Guided Reading Books

A 1st grade reading level is considered to be GRL E–I. Therefore, classroom books for 1st grade should be in the reading level range of GRL I and below. It’s important to represent various genres, and make sure to hit unit-specific content areas at all reading levels. Common content area themes at this level are water cycle and the weather, plants, animals, family, and neighborhoods.

2nd Grade Guided Reading Books

The 2nd grade classroom library books should ideally be around level M and below. For students reading on grade level, 2nd grade reading level is considered to being at level I. Common content area topics at this level are natural resources and energy, life cycles, and the wider community.

3rd Grade Guided Reading Books

Book sets for 3rd graders will begin to move away from the very-young-appearing books of early grades. Books for grade 3 reading level begin at level N and end around level P. This grade’s content areas tend to focus on complex systems, such as people and their environment, the food chain, and weather patterns.