Informational Text Series

K8 Informational Text Series

Give your students a head start in content-area concepts! Our informational texts are nonfiction leveled readers that build content-area knowledge across science and social studies while introducing students to informational text features that will support their success in meeting state standards. Some nonfiction titles are also paired with related fiction to showcase genre differences, and some are also available as big books.



Zoozoo Animal World Complete Set from Zoozoo Animal World

Zoozoo Animal World

Let your students explore animals by habitat with Zoozoo Animal World informational texts! These leveled readers help you teach eight habitats—Arctic, desert, farm, forest, grasslands, mountain, ocean, and rainforest—with ten animals per habitat. Each book contains teacher talking points and a graphic organizer with vocabulary in the back. The higher-level books are filled with facts, and the lower-level ones use simple repetitive sentences. There are 80 books to choose from. Guided reading level range: C–H.


Zoozoo Into the Wild Nonfiction Set from Zoozoo Into the Wild

Zoozoo Into the Wild

The Zoozoo Into the Wild Nonfiction Set contains a copy of each of the 8 nonfiction leveled readers in the Zoozoo Into the Wild series. Each title features a different zoo animal and can be paired with matching fiction and wordless. Guided reading level range: C–D.

Zoozoo Into the Wild nonfiction titles are informational texts that engage students with facts about their favorite animals. These titles offer teachers talking points to deliver more facts while readers absorb each page's vibrant photograph and informative sentence.


Kaleidoscope Informational Text Bundle from Kaleidoscope Collection

Kaleidoscope Collection

The wonderfully diverse books in the Kaleidoscope Collection are like a whole classroom library in one set! Increase diverse representation easily and at a wide range of reading levels, with both fiction and nonfiction titles. A variety of authors and illustration styles keep the content feeling fresh as your student moves to higher levels. There are 180 leveled readers and 20 big books to choose from. Titles in Spanish are also available. Guided reading level range: A–K.


My World Complete Set from My World

My World

The My World series lets you bring the concept of informational text to even your earliest beginners. Starting with wordless picture books showing real-life topics such as animals, community, and transportation, the series moves through simply labeled photos up to full sentences. Each title contains a graphic organizer in the back, as well as a listing of related vocabulary terms and suggested activities and lesson ideas. There are 50 titles to choose from. Guided reading level range: wordless and A–F.

Fables & the Real World Complete Set from Fables & the Real World

Real World (Fables)

The Real World (Fables) series contains a copy of each of the 60 nonfiction leveled readers in the Fables & the Real World series. These are vibrant informational texts that help students make real-world connections to important fable lessons. Guided reading level range: E–K.


Real World Complete Set from Story World Real World

Real World (Story World)

The Real World (Story World) series contains a copy of all 30 nonfiction leveled readers in the Story World Real World series. Guided reading level range: I–M.

Story World Real World is a series with loads of nonfiction text features to help students make real-life connections with classic fairy tales. These titles are leveled as a smooth progression from informational texts in the popular Fables & the Real World.



Hameray Biography Series Complete Set from Hameray Biography Series

Hameray Biography Series

Perfect for your struggling readers in upper grades, the Hameray Biography Series offers easy-to-read biographies at a reading level of grades 2–4, with historical and contemporary personalities that will be of interest to even middle- and high-schoolers. Your students will be fascinated to read these hi-lo intervention books about sports heroes, tech geniuses, bold women, and others, from diverse cultural backgrounds. There are 30 books to choose from. Guided reading level range: M–S.


Download Complete Set from Download

Download Series

Do your struggling readers like skateboarding? Basketball? Sharks? Karate? Do you need to teach them genre while somehow keeping their interest? If so, the Download books are the perfect hi-lo intervention books for your classroom. These multi-genre books contain both nonfiction and a short fiction story revolving around topics your students will be eager to read about. There are 16 books to choose from. Guided reading level range: Q–T.

Underwater Encounters Complete Set from Underwater Encounters

Underwater Encounters

Show your students a world they’ve never seen before with Underwater Encounters. These hi-lo intervention books present the weirdest, coolest, and most majestic creatures under the sea. They also include an ecology page, perfect for including in environmental units. Written at a grade 4 reading level, these books will captivate your struggling readers in middle school or even high school. There are 10 books to choose from. Guided reading level: S.


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