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Hameray Biography Series

The Hameray Biography Series is specifically written to meet the needs of reluctant readers in grades 3-8, and is aligned with Common Core State Standards, while matching social studies curriculum. The books are written for students reading at least two levels below their grade. The interest level is for all readers, thanks to the collection's fascinating and relevant content. Providing highly inspirational stories of courageous individuals, the series highlights the lives of people from different cultures, backgrounds and time periods.

The Hameray Biography Series provides a great opportunity for at-risk readers to practice literacy and researching skills thanks to its up-to-date content, in-depth glossaries, and included list of resources for guiding further student research.

Encourage your students to achieve their dreams by learning from the lives of these amazing people!
Sample of Martin Luther King, Jr.

 Key Features:

  • Interest level for grades 3-8
  • Wide-range of historical figures ensure a title to fit in various curricula
  • Lively writing, interesting facts, and primary sources keep students drawn in
  • Low levels of difficulty and high interest levels promote independent reading
  • Dynamic photos, art, maps and timelines support full comprehension and enjoyment
  • Meets state and national education standards for Social Studies and Reading
  • High-frequency vocabulary words and context clues support striving readers
  • "Learn More" section drives students to continue research with carefully selected online and print resources

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