Joy Cowley Collection

Celebrating Characters and Storytelling
-  60 Fiction Titles
-  Grade Levels 1–2 | Levels E–I
-  18 Titles in a Big Book Format
All Titles Available in Spanish (15 in Big Book Format)
-  Classic Characters: Mrs. Wishy-Washy, Hungry Giant,
-  The Meanies, Dan the Flying Man, Hairy Bear, & More!

About This Series

The Joy Cowley Collection showcases character-driven fiction and original storytelling. Joy uses rhyme, rhythm, and humor to delight emergent readers. Featuring classic characters like Mrs. Wishy-Washy, the Meanies, and Hungry Giant, along with an entire cast of new characters, these leveled texts make independent reading, shared reading, and guided reading more fun.

18 Big Books support shared reading and writing
Select titles adapted into authentic Spanish for Grades 1–2
Character-driven stories build interest and comprehension

Want More Joy Cowley Books?

Joy Cowley Early Birds features 60 character-driven fiction stories written to reading levels C–G. Select titles available as big books and adapted into Spanish.

Joy Cowley Classics are 26 humor-filled original stories with Joy's most popular characters. They've are republished and newly restored (select titles available as big books).

About The Author

Joy Cowley is an award-winning author who has penned over 650 titles including the original Mrs. Wishy-Washy book, which has sold over 40 million copies worldwide. She has had an immeasurable impact on childhood literacy around the world, fostering a love of reading for over 40 years!

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