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Speech and Language
StoryCards Adjectives
The four adjectives in each story include:
  • Elephant to the Rescue (Mala the Elephant): big, little, wet, dry
  • A Home of his Own (Zak the Mouse): full, empty, open, shut
  • Nowhere to Hide (Saba the Zebra): long, short, tall, small
  • Time to Play (Pinda the Lion Cub): dirty, clean, dark, light
StoryCards Prepositions
Focusing on prepositions, this pack contains four stories covering:
  • Up, Up and Away (Bertie the Bluebird): in, on, under
  • On the Trail of a Snail (Sam the Snail): in front, behind, next to
  • Over the Trees and Far Away (Dot the Giraffe): over, through, between
  • Cool in the Pool (Rolo the Hippo): above, below, around
StoryCards Narrative
Featuring the familiar animal characters from earlier StoryCards packs, these four stories focus on developing narrative.
  • As well as the stories themselves, the reverse of each card provides a reproducible tool for students to create their own stories from the characters and situations.
  • Puppets of the animal characters are included to help students retell the story. Developing narrative skills will always be fun when using these beautifully illustrated picture stories and character puppets!
StoryCards Sequences
A welcome addition to the StoryCards range, this set encourages students to say what happens "first", "next" and "last" in the story.
  • Includes finger puppets of the animal characters to retell each sequence of events
  • The twelve story sequences vary in length from three to five cards, with four stories for each of the sequence levels, to help students develop their sequencing skills in stages
  • The sequences use much-loved characters already introduced in previous StoryCards sets
StoryCards Verbs
Use this pack to develop children's understanding of basic verbs. Each verb is repeated several times in various situations to reinforce the child's understanding of its meaning and the finger puppets of the four central characters are excellent for 'doing' the actions in the stories.
Developing Early Literacy Skills
This book provides practical, fun reproducible activities to develop early literacy skills. Each section is structured so that students can build on existing knowledge and skills. These activities can be used in a group or individually. Includes:
  • rhyming and alphabet activities
  • phonological awareness
  • work sheets
Language for Thinking
This reproducible resource is based on fifty picture and verbal scenarios that can be used flexibly with a wide range of ages and abilities. Quick, practical and easy to use in the classroom, this program can be used with individual children, in small groups. Also assists in the child's development of inference, verbal reasoning and thinking skills. Particularly useful for children who are recognized as having delayed language skills, specific language impairment, Autistic Spectrum Disorder (including Asperger's Syndrome), pragmatic language impairment or moderate learning difficulties.
Riddles Rhyme & Alliteration
This is a very practical resource for teachers of young students, particularly those with special needs. The book can be used separately or as part of a phonics program. Most of the exercises in each section are short and the book is an ideal resource for the teacher to use when students have finished tasks and have spare time.
Developing Language Concepts
This book is a valuable resource for all speech & language therapists, teachers and support assistants working with children in schools and community clinics.
Early Speech & Language Skills
This book provides a collection of graded games and activities designed to foster the speaking, listening and understanding skills of children aged from 5 to 7. Each activity has a clear aim, simple instructions and requires minimal equipment. Book incorporates user-friendly opportunities for assessment, target setting and evaluation, and includes photocopiable material to support the activities.
School Start
School Start is a practical resource that can be used with children who need additional help in developing communication skills during the first year of school. The program is designed to be carried out with minimal preparation and support.
Working with Children's Language
Containing a wealth of accessible ideas and a huge range of activities, this book's practical approach to language teaching has established it as a durable manual in its field. Covers early language skills, attention control, listening skills, the role of play, the development of comprehension, perception and the acquisition of expressive language. Includes games, activities and ideas suitable for developing specific language skills.
The Story Maker
The strong visual emphasis will inspire children to write their own stories and expand their vocabulary. "Writer's tips" front each of the twelve sections: Story types, Characters, Feelings, Size, Speech & Sound, Speed, Settings, Texture, Colors, Objects, Time, and Weather.
Understanding and Using Spoken Language
This collection of original games and activities is designed to help children aged from 7 to 9. The exercises are also a useful tool for teachers and therapists in special schools and speech & language clinics.
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