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30 New Kaleidoscope Books!

 If you’re a frequent reader of our blog, you’ll be familiar with Hameray Publishing’s   Kaleidoscope Collection . As our largest series,   the Kaleidoscope Collection features both narrative and informational texts between Guided Reading Levels A – K . With its commitment to diverse representation, students have a kaleidoscope of options to choose a book that appeals to them.

We’ve just introduced 30 new titles into the   Kaleidoscope Collection , which focuses on low-leveled readers at Guided Reading Level A–C. Books like   My Birthday!   and   What Is a Pet?   are sure to peak the interest of your beginning reader.

Many of the new books are complementary in topic or sentence structure, making them ideal for students to reinforce their reading skills. For example, students can familiarize themselves with the sight words “I” and “can” by reading   I Can Read .   Then, they can apply their knowledge to a new book,   I Can Write.   Using multiple books to reinforce a reading concept is crucial for developing confidence and fluency.


Other complementary titles from the new Kaleidoscope additions include the following:

You can browse all of our new Kaleidoscope titles at our website. Remember, a portion of the   Kaleidoscope Collection’s  profits goes to the Reading Recovery Council of North America. It’s a win-win situation for everyone!


Click the image below to download a series highlights about the newly-expanded Kaleidoscope Collection.