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2023 Wishy-Washy Contest Winner
Congrats to our winners! Mrs. Wishy-Washy would be so proud of the budding engineers and their creative inventions! Thank you to all who entered.

"The Fun Wishy-Washy Machine"

Invention Description:
"We created a wishy-washy machine! Mrs. Wishy Washy will be so happy because now we can help her clean her animals with this amazing machine. First, the animals go through the door, then they use the bubble roll to get scrubbed from all the mud. Then they move forward and the shampoo shoots down. It smells like coconut soap. The animals will love it. Then they move through strings that give them a relaxing massage while they listen to music from the farm. They love the 'Old Mc Donald has a Farm' song. Then water shoots down at them to rinse the coconut soap. Then the last part, they get dry with 2 windy fans that move very slow so it can be like a breezy and they won’t fly away. If they fly away, they will get hurt. Mrs. Wishy Washy would be sad and mad. On their way out, they will get a little tickle so they can laugh and feel good when they get out. They can now get some yummy food like fruits. Mrs. Wishy Washy will love this machine and the animals will love it too much! They will want to go there a lot of times! Like 10 times!"
Grand Prize Winner: Mrs. De Leon's Class


Grand Prize


Mrs. De Leon's class will receive the grand prize of 156 Joy Cowley books, 5 original hardcover story books, and a Mrs. Wishy-Washy doll


Bonus Winners

"Clean Animal Wash"

Invention Description:
"It is a machine that will help clean the dirty animals. It’s like a car wash but not for cars it’s for animals. The animals can go in and roll around inside the sponges to get the dirt off. They can press the button where it says 'push.' It is a purple button, and it will give them soap. They need water so they have a flower bucket at the top with a string for the animals to pull and give them water. It is covered so the water doesn’t come out. We added a brush at the bottom to scrub their dirty feet. The animals have a towel to dry themselves we made a sign. No roof because the sun is hot and will dry them too. We put beautiful flowers and some food so they can eat if they are a little bit hungry and fill their bellies. Now the animals will always be squeaky clean."
Bonus Prize Winner: Mrs. G's Class


"The Piggly Wiggly Mobile Fine Dining and Bath"

Invention Description:
"The animals go through the conveyor belt and as they eat they’re getting cleaned by the invention."
Bonus Prize Winner: Mrs. Rothwell's Class


"Animal Washing Machine for Mrs. Wishy-Washy Animals"

Invention Description: 
"Mrs. Wishy Washy's animals go up the ramp to get their food, the ramp goes down with the animal's weight and pulls the rope. The soap bucket tips and the soap and water wash the animals. Then the animals go up the ladder and push it down. The big bucket tips over and rinses them off. Then the ducks fly and land on the plank. They pull the food, and the bucket tips over."
Bonus Prize Winner: Mrs. Rivera's Class


"Splishy Splashy Machine"

Invention Description:
"The animals climb the brick steps and go into the purple pool that's filled with soapy water. The umbrella will keep them safe from the sun. The blue tube will filter the water and send the water into the 'rinse-off tank.' Here the animals will go down the fun slide into the 'rinse-off tank,' also known as a colorful rectangular aquarium. When the animals are rinsed off, they will go down the black stairs into the colorful brick cube. There is a towel on the bottom of the cube, and the animals can roll around on it until they are dry."
Bonus Prize Winner: Mrs. Grace's Class


Bonus Prize

Our bonus winners will receive our Bear & Bobcat Big Book Set, featuring five original stories by Joy Cowley.

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