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3 Summer Reading Activities to Download Now!

Encourage students to read and write over the summer with these free printable take-home literacy activities.


Make reading at home more exciting with the Reading Tic-Tac-Toe Game. The goal is to get three in a row or complete all nine boxes. Each box represents a different reading activity, such as reading outside, with a friend, or out loud. These options are designed to make reading a fun and interactive experience for all students.

Write a Summer Story

Unleash student creativity through writing. Determine the type of pages that best suit your students’ needs and compile them for a summer writing booklet. Students can write and illustrate a story, journal about summer activities, find photos and write about them, and more. A list of ideas to write about is included.

Read the Alphabet

For students who may not have access to books over the summer, this activity reminds them that reading is possible ANYWHERE, be it at home or in the community. Every time students encounter words, they can jot them down in the corresponding letter box. Encourage students to see how many words they can read and write by the end of summer!

We hope this helps your students stay engaged with literacy this summer and  retain what they've learned this school year. 

Click Here to Download the Summer Reading Activities.