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Kids As Authors Writing Contest!
Take a break from managing Zoom calls and assigning homework. It's time for your students to show off their imagination and writing skills by penning the accompanying story to one of our wordless books in our first–ever Hameray Storytelling Competition!  


Who can participate?
Kindergarten, First Grade, and Second-Grade Students


What do students need to do? 
 (1) Choose one of our two wordless books, included below, as a starting point, Brothers or Helpful Hippo. (2) Download our worksheet for students to write their story on or make your own that includes the following
  • Book Title
  • Student Name (for privacy, only include the last initial, ie. Zoe O.)
  • Classroom Name ( ie. Mrs. Nixon's First-Grade Classroom)
  • School Name (include city and state) 
  • Write an original story based on the images (pages 2–7) in the chosen book
    When is the deadline? 
    May 29, 2020


    How do I submit?

    All entries should be submitted to Zoe@HamerayPublishing.com. Students can send a photo or scanned image of their story directly to us, or they can send them to you, and you can submit the batch as a classroom.


    When will a winner be announced? 
    June 2, 2020


    Are there prizes?
    YES! There will be a winner selected for each grade level who will receive a $50 gift certificate to be used on our website to purchase books, and their story will be featured on our blog, where it will be read by thousands of teachers!


    Sample Story: Sergio and Damon are brothers. They are mad at each other.  They scream at each other. Then they leap at each other. Sergio and Damon fight in the water. Carlos screams at them to stop fighting. Carlos tells them that they are brothers, and they should not fight. Family is very important. Fighting is not good. Sergio and Damon say sorry. They hug each other and are friends again.


    Sample Story: Ling and Maria are birds.  They want to cross the river.  They ask Hippo for help. Hippo tells them to get on his back.  Hippo enters the river. He swims across as Ling and Maria talk to each other. Ling and Maria get off. They wave goodbye to Hippo. He is smiling at them, happy he could help!


    We can't wait to read your stories!