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Brand-New Letter Buddies Teacher's Guide!

Hameray is excited to announce " Letter Learning with the Letter Buddies ," our brand-new Letter Buddies Teacher's Guide! This  free guide   provides ideas to boost your students' alphabetic knowledge with the   Letter Buddies

The   Teacher's Guide   covers every product from the extensive Letter Buddies series:

The   skills chart , included in the   Teacher's Guide , matches Letter Buddies products to different alphabetic skills. For example, if your teaching goal is to have students identify beginning letters and sounds with accompanying pictures, the skills chart says that you can use the  LetterMats ,   Alphabet Books and   Letter Books . Look no further than the   skills chart  to decide which product will best suit your students!
Libby Larrabee, the author of the   Letter Buddies   series, offers a multitude of alphabetic activities that you can use in the classroom. The  Letter Buddies  Alphabet Books  are large and lap-sized, lending them well for whole-classroom or small-group settings. Students draw upon their vocabulary knowledge of common settings, such as the store and the classroom. Using these familiar environments, students learn to recognize and identify letter sounds and shapes. 
Larrabee offers many ideas for using  Alphabet Books   in the classroom:
  • "Talk about the features of the lowercase and uppercase versions of each letter.

  • Finger-trace the letters to demonstrate  formation using verbal directions from the  Child Talk Table (see pages 3–4).

  • Name the letters and give students practice  naming the letters.

  • Talk about how certain letters are grouped together to form a word. Explain that there is a word under each picture naming what the  object is.

  • Show that the letter at the top of the page is the same as the rest letter in the word below.

  • Demonstrate and practice alphabetical order using the picture glossary.

  • Engage in storytelling and conversation while playing the I-Spy game included" (5)

For more ideas and information about the other   Letter Buddies   products, read through the free "Letter Learning with the Letter Buddies" at our   website !

To download information about each Letter Buddies product,   click the images below.

      Letter Buddies Letter Books Sales Sheet       Letter Buddies Blends Sales Sheet    

        Letter Buddies Starters Sales Sheet          Letter Buddies Alphabet Books Sales Sheet