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Supplementing Textbooks with Leveled Readers, Part 2—with FREE download!
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Teaching social studies is always a challenge for me.
 As I talked about in my last post, I teach in smallish school with a limited budget, so I am always looking for trade books to supplement the text we use in social studies.  Luckily, I found this great   My World  series. I used these two books to teach about community and community helpers. 

Very Important People   is a very easy emergent text to read to the children with captions that exactly match the picture.  It made a great addition to our classroom library because the children were able to read it entirely on their own, and even if they didn't know the words they were able to match the picture to the words.  The rich color and detail in the photos made for great conversations about the different jobs that the community helpers do, the uniforms they wear and why they are important to the community.

After reading the text and the discussions that followed, I gave the children this little riddle booklet I made.  

They had to read the riddle and cut and glue the correct community helper to match the riddle.  To make it a bit more challenging, I made the community helpers into a puzzle to assemble.    


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For more information about the   My World series shown in this post, click here to visit our website , or click the image on the left below to download a series information sheet with key features. To download the lesson packet, click the image to the right.