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Teaching Kids To Read with Shared Reading: Part 3—with FREE download!

This is a guest post by Kathy Crane. If you like what you see here, check back frequently for more posts from her,   read her earlier posts , and  click here to read her blog,  Kindergarten Kiosk .

Shared Reading: Connecting to the Text

Shared reading allows students opportunity to work with text that is above their own reading level. Doing so increases reading skills, vocabulary, and comprehension. In previous posts, I have talked about shared reading steps one through five.  Now, it is time to look at the last step of the process. Step six is connecting students to the text.  

This step engages students with the text and allows for opportunity to explore and extend their learning.  Here are some examples that you might consider, when doing shared reading using   Joy Cowley's big books featuring the Meanies :

Writing :  Write a letter to the Meanies. “If you come to my house you will find a...”

Vocabulary Book:   Make a list of vocabulary words and illustrate to add to a class-made  new-word  dictionary book.

Games:   Play games with a Meanies theme, like " Slap The Meanie"! Download the freebie "Slap the Meanie" game sight word packet at the bottom of this page!

Poetry Chart:   Write a poem about the Meanies and place it on a chart in the poetry center. Here is an example of a simple poem using easy sight and action words. “I see a meanie hop, hop, hop. I see a meanie jump, jump, jump. I see a meanie run, run, run. I see a meanie sleep, sleep, sleep. SNORE!”

Art:   Make a construct Meanie using construction paper, or paint a Meanie.

Social Studies:   Talk about real-life bullies. Make a list of how do deal with Meanie-like behavior. 


Kathy Crane holds a M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction: Reading. She is a published author of thirteen books, a freelance author and developer of teaching curriculum, has been a teacher of kindergarten for twenty-two years, and publishes the blog   Kindergarten Kiosk .


For more information about Joy Cowley's books,  click here to visit our website . To download the freebie, click the image below.