Fables & the Real World

Paired Fiction and Nonfiction Texts
-  120 Titles (30 Fables + 90 Nonfiction)
-  Theme Set: 1 Fable + 3 Matching Nonfiction
-  Grades Levels 1–2 | Levels E–M
-  Available in English & Spanish
-  Free Downloadable Teacher's Guide

Why this series
will help you

Aligned to state standards, Fables & the Real World retells classic fables, pairing each
with three related nonfiction texts. This innovative series uses vibrant illustrations
and stunning photography to engage emergent readers.

Students practice differentiating fiction and nonfiction.
Fables model impactful SEL lessons through story.
Nonfiction texts build analytical skills and real-world knowledge.

Sample Text Pairing:
1 Fable & 3 Nonfiction Texts

Wish You Had
More Time For

Social-Emotional Learning?

Teaching with fables is a terrific way to introduce social-emotional learning
into your reading block. Using stories passed down through time, fables relate
important life lessons that enhance a culture of kindness and empathy.

Meet the author

Jeffery Williams is the author and creator of the popular Fables & the Real World series,
which is also available in Spanish. In addition to his creative pursuits, Jeff has been
an integral part of the Solon School District in Ohio for over 20 years, where he is currently
serving as a Reading Recovery Teacher Leader and staff developer of K–12 teachers.
He is a former Executive Committee member of NCTE and a Past President of the
Reading Recovery Council of North America.

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