Back-to-School Books

Engage K-1 Bilingual Students Beginning the New School Year
  • 17 Titles (8 Fiction + 9 Nonfiction)
  • Grade Levels K–1 | Reading Levels A–D
  • Perfect of K-1 Bilingual and Dual Language Classrooms
  • Ideal for Content Area or Thematic Units on Students Going Back to School


Kick off the new school year with our delightful collection of authentic Spanish Back-to-School Books for kids in grades K-1. Specially curated to ease young learners into the new academic year, these fiction and nonfiction books are perfect for Spanish, bilingual, and dual language classrooms, offering engaging stories that address themes of friendship, adventure, and the excitement of learning new things. Each book is crafted to capture the imaginations of young children while building their Spanish language skills and boosting their confidence as they embark on their new school year. Browse our collection today to find the perfect stories to welcome your students back to school and set a positive tone for the year ahead. 17 titles are included in this collection. Grade levels K–1. Reading levels A–D.

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Authentic Spanish Back-to-School Books for K-1 Bilingual and Dual Language Classrooms

Our collection of authentic Spanish back-to-school books for K-1 bilingual and dual language classrooms are specifically chosen leveled books, designed to support young bilingual learners as they transition into the new school year. These books are tailored to engage and comfort young elementary students with stories that explore themes of starting school, making friends, and discovering new environments in school. Vibrant illustrations, eye-catching photography, and simple, relatable fiction and nonfiction text help reduce student uncertainty about the new school year, and build excitement about learning and going to school. The use of repetitive, easy-to-understand Spanish text aids in reinforcing early Spanish language skills, making these books an excellent resource for early Spanish language acquisition and Spanish literacy development.

These back-to-school Spanish books not only bolster Spanish vocabulary, Spanish grammar, and Spanish language structure, but also help instill in students early elementary classroom scenes, routines, and behavior, making them a multifaceted educational resource for bilingual and dual language teachers. Whether used during group reading sessions, as part of a bilingual or dual language classroom library, or for individual or independent reading, these authentic Spanish books set a positive and enthusiastic tone for the school year. For Spanish and bilingual educators, these books provide an easy way to integrate and combine Spanish language development and social-emotional learning, helping students feel prepared and eager to embark on their educational journey in the new school year.