Joy Cowley Giveaway 2019

We Have Our Winners!

With new prizes for 2019, the Joy Cowley Giveaway is better than ever. This year, we added more titles to Joy Cowley Early Birds, a box set of our new hardcover storybooks from Bear & Bobcat Books, and a Mrs. Wishy-Washy doll! Our 7 lucky winners—PLUS ONE BONUS WINNER—are announced below. Congratulations to our winners!

 Joy Cowley Collection Big Books

Winner: Eileen Wilson of Coram, NY

Prize 1: Joy Cowley Collection Big Books

Nothing catches children's attention like a big book, and no author knows how to keep it like Joy Cowley. Introduce your students to beloved favorite characters Mrs. Wishy-Washy, the Hungry Giant, and more! The Joy Cowley Collection Big Book Set contains 19 big books. Guided reading level range: F–I. This set is a $540 value.

Eileen says that the most gratifying aspect of being an educator is the joy of seeing when the reading spark happens!

 Joy Cowley Early Birds Big Books

Winner: Vicki Burger of Niceville, FL

Prize 2: Joy Cowley Early Birds Big Books

Bring the giggle-inducing, whimsical humor of Mrs. Wishy-Washy into your classroom in big book format at low reading levels. Follow along on the adventures of Mrs. Wishy-Washy, Mr. Wishy-Washy, and the farm animals with the Joy Cowley Early Birds Big Book Set, which contains 15 big books.  Guided reading level range: C–G. This set is a $322.50 value.

Vicki says that the most gratifying part of teaching is seeing the delight on her students' faces during shared reading.

Joy Cowley Collection

Winner: Kim Wells of Gastonia, NC

Prize 3: Joy Cowley Collection Complete Set

Do you love Joy Cowley's classic characters? Mrs. Wishy-Washy, the Meanies, Dan the Flying Man, Hungry Giant, Hairy Bear, and more come to life in these stories that stay true to their original spirit. Also introducing new characters that increase the diversity of the series, the Joy Cowley Collection contains 60 leveled readers. Guided reading level range: E–I. This set is a $340 value.

Kim shared that "the most gratifying aspect of being a teacher of young children is knowing I have the responsibility and the privilege of building a literacy foundation that will serve these students for a lifetime!"

Joy Cowley Early Birds

Winner: Naomi Irizarry of Downers Grove, IL

Prize 4: Joy Early Birds Complete Set

Joy Cowley Early Birds readers are fantastic tools to introduce poetry, rhyme, and alliteration, as well as entertain students with adventures of memorable characters such as Mrs. Wishy-Washy, Little Rabbit, and Miss Doll. These books bring Joy’s signature humor to lower guided reading levels. With the newly added First Readers Set, there are now 60 leveled readers in total. Guided reading level range: C–G. This set is a $321.25 value.

Naomi says the most gratifying part of teaching is connecting with students on a personal level.

Bear and Bobcat Books

Winner: Emily Faucher of Phoenix, AZ

Prize 5: Bear & Bobcat Box Set

Perfect for story time at school or at home, this beautiful 4-book collector's set includes Joy Cowley's four newest storybooks featuring her classic characters: Wishy-Washy Halloween, Wishy-Washy Valentine's Day, Dan's New Hat, and Meanies at the Zoo. Each story will keep children rapt and delighted, with adorable art, poetic writing, and moments of flat-out hilarity. This set is an $89.95 value. 

Emily shared that her favorite part of teaching is the smiles that appear on students' faces when they finally understand something that has been challenging for them.

 Mrs. Wishy-Washy Doll

Winner: Sherry Clements of Fitzgerald, GA

Prize 6: Mrs. Wishy-Washy Doll

Generations of teachers and students alike have been captivated by this classic, beloved character, and now you can bring her to life in your classroom with this adorably squishy plush doll. You can use her to keep students' attention at the front of class. You can give her as a gift to your favorite Wishy-Washy fan. Or you can keep her as your own inspiration and reminder of the joys of teaching. This doll is a $24.99 value.

Sherry says that the best part of teaching is seeing them enter kindergarten not even knowing how to hold a pencil and leaving at the end of the school year being able to read and write stories.

 What Is a Book?

Winner: Suzanne Carter of Camp Hill, PA

Prize 7: What Is a Book? Hardcover Storybook

What is a book? A mat for a cat? A house for a mouse? A story made of words to entertain or frighten? This charming hardcover book shows all the delightful things that a book can be! Using silly rhymes to capture interest and featuring a surprise ending, the book will be a favorite in your classroom. This book is a $15.95 value.

Suzanne says that the best part is seeing children beginning to "get" that they can read on their own, make sense of what they read, and giggle with enjoyment.

Coleccion Joy Cowley

Bonus Winner: Isabel Hurst of Georgetown, TX

We decided it would be nice to select a dual language teacher as a bonus winner to receive some Spanish books.

The Colección Joy Cowley Green Set contains a copy of each of the 15 Spanish leveled readers in Colección Joy Cowley. Characters include la señora Lávalo Todo, el Gigante Hambriento, and more! Guided reading level range: H–K. This set is an $85 value.

Isabel says the most gratifying aspect of being an educator is seeing their faces when they realize they are able to read on their own after you show, tell, and guide them along this confusing and difficult journey.

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