Kid Writing Webinar

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Watch each video and learn new techniques that will transform your K–1 students into eager and proficient writers.

Understand the Why, What, and How of Kid Writing
in the 21st Century.
Enact new science-backed strategies to improve students' writing skills.
Engage beginning writers in standards-based genres
and content areas.
Assess progress with
5 easy-to-identify developmental phases.
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Part 1:

Discover the keys to unlock reading
and writing proficiency.

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Part 2:

Learn to implement foundational writing skills with young students.

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Dr. J. Richard Gentry:

- Internationally-acclaimed researcher and educational consultant recognized for ground-breaking work in early literacy, including best practices for reading, writing, spelling, and dyslexia.

- Author of 16 books, two textbook series, and numerous journal articles.

- A regular contributor on policy, standards, reading, and brain science for Pyschology Today.

Kid Writing in the 21st Century:

- Kid Writing in the 21st Century will fill the gap between your students being able to write with "squiggles and diamonds" and with full, proficient alphabetic writing.

- Make the writing-reading connection explicit.

- Monitor each child's progress through five easy-to-identify research-based developmental phases.

- Every child in your class can start writing as soon as you implement this book, even those students who cannot yet write their names.

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