Interactive Reading Level Correlation Chart

Stage Grade Level Guided Reading Level Number Level DRA Level
Early Emergent Kindergarten A 1 A
B 2 1, 2
C 3, 4 3, 4
Emergent 1st Grade D 5, 6 6
E 7, 8 8
F 9, 10 10
G 11, 12 12
H 13, 14 14
I 15, 16 16
Early Fluent 2nd Grade J 17 18
K 18 20
L 19 24
M 20 28
Fluent 3rd Grade N 21, 22 30
O 23 34
P 24 38
Proficient 4th Grade Q, R, S 25, 26 40
5th Grade T, U, V 27, 28 50
6th Grade W, X 29, 30 60
7th Grade Y 31 70
8th Grade Z 32 80

Hameray Leveled Book List - 2023

Explore Our Leveled Book List

Find out which books will be most effective for your students by reviewing this list for details of each our title's text type, guided reading level, intervention level, and relevant series. This list provides details for titles in complete sets of leveled readers and big books, classroom libraries, and leveled readers in Spanish. Click above to preview the Level List, or submit your information in the form below to download the PDF.

How Hameray Books Are Leveled

Our books are leveled by a panel of long-time Reading Recovery Teacher Trainers. To determine the level of a new title, these trainers use a "constant comparison" process to compare the title and its component characteristics to existing benchmark texts that have previously been leveled and proven to work at those levels. Then the titles are assigned a guided reading level (letter level) and an intervention level (number level modeled on the criteria for Reading Recovery levels).

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