What's New in Kid Writing in the 21st Century?

What's New in Kid Writing in the 21st Century?

Eileen Feldgus, Ed.D      Isabell Cardonick, M.Ed.     J. Richard Gentry, Ph.D.

People familiar with the first Kid Writing  book (published in1999) have been asking—what's new in this updated version, Kid Writing in the 21st Century ? We've put together this list of some of the ways that the new book is an improvement over the beloved old book. Here are a few of the great new changes:

  • Phase Observation to guide teachers in determining how to support, scaffold, and guide children to the next phase of literacy development

  • Unique order of introduction of sound/symbol correspondences based on difficulty level

  • "Stretching through with a moving target" variations at increasing developmental levels

  • New (fun!) options for introducing King of -ing and high-frequency words

  • Charts showing specific targeted mini-lessons based on children’s developmental writing and Phase Observation levels, linked to typical reading levels

  • Kid Writing adaptations for pre-K, first grade, second-grade strugglers, and special education

  • Kid Writing’s effectiveness in fulfilling gender-specific and ELL needs

  • Letter-formation language to facilitate children’s handwriting automaticity and legibility

  • Kid Writing through the genres to meet Common Core and state standards, including teacher understanding of characteristics, typical language, teacher modeling, and child samples appropriate for narrative, informational, and opinion writing at K–2 level

  • Enhanced conventions of writing developmental scale assessment and new writing thermometer report

  • Illustrated strategy glossary of best practices in early literacy development

  • Latest research and downloadable appendices of teacher resources

  • Eighty additional pages of content

  • Updated reproducibles now in a downloadable PDF format for easy printing and copying

And much more! If you loved Kid Writing (1999), you’ll LOVE Kid Writing in the 21st Century! Click here to peek inside the book and see the table of contents and sample pages!