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These leveled classroom library sets will help you provide your students with a wide range of "just right" books at their independent and reading levels. The classroom libraries are pre-organized and pre-packaged by reading level, making it easy to incorporate the books into your existing system and quickly select books by level. Each numbered set contains a mix of both informational and narrative texts, and genre-specific sets are also available. Grade levels K–5. Reading levels A–Y. Need help building a custom classroom library or bookroom? Click here to request a custom classroom library.

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Classroom Library Book Sets for Early Literacy

Choosing the best books for classroom library sets will depend on several different factors, but the most important is, of course, the grade you teach and the reading level that your students have attained so far. Many book sets for teachers are labeled as being for this grade or that grade, but when building a classroom library, only you know the intricacies of your curriculum and your students’ abilities. That said, here are some things to look for at each level:

1st Grade Classroom Library

A 1st grade reading level is considered to be GRL E–I. Therefore, classroom books for 1st grade should be in the reading level range of GRL I and below. You may want to include a few higher-level books if you have gifted students, and you will want to include a great many books below grade level for your students who haven’t quite reached grade level. Offer a variety of genres, and make sure to hit content areas in your curriculum at all reading levels. Common content area themes at this level are water cycle and the weather, plants, animals, family, and neighborhoods.

2nd Grade Classroom Library

The 2nd grade classroom library books should ideally be around level M and below. At this grade level, you can thin out the selection of books at very low levels, but be sure to still keep a few on hand. Common content area topics at this level are natural resources and energy, life cycles, and the wider community.

3rd Grade Classroom Library

The 3rd grade classroom library books will begin to move away from the very-young-appearing books of early grades. The reading level will top out around P, except for in very advanced students. You will probably not have many students reading below level E in this grade. This grade’s content areas tend to focus on complex systems, such as people and their environment, the food chain, and weather patterns.

Book Bins for Classroom Libraries

Book bins (or book baskets) for classroom libraries do not always come included in sets. However, even our custom-built classroom libraries that we hand-tailor to fit your students’ unique needs will come with labeled book bins, saving you time and money!