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Research is increasingly proving the benefits of dual language immersion programs and the impact they have on literacy skills of English- and Spanish-language learners. Literacy-rich environments, such as dual language classrooms, have the unique opportunity to expose students to English and Spanish resources that boost native- and non-native language capacities. These dual language sets are ideal for exposing students to a range of text types as well as text that is written with authentic Spanish, rather than directly translated Spanish. Grade levels K–2. Reading levels A–M.

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Spanish & English Dual Language Books for Kids for the Classroom

A good Spanish dual-language program starts with the best resources in Spanish and English. It's important to have Spanish text that matches the English text in authentic adaptations rather than direct translations. The benefits of bilingualism are well-known, and a bilingual school environment can provide effective language immersion both for native Spanish speakers who will be learning English, as well as native English speakers who will more easily absorb Spanish in a dual immersion program. Being bilingual in Spanish is more useful today than ever before.

Choosing the right English and Spanish books for kids will be crucial for this type of program. Some of the best books to learn Spanish will be those for which children can also see an English counterpart version. And the same is true in the opposite direction: we've taken our best-selling children's books and adapted them to Spanish because an English-to-Spanish book adaptation is a great way for students to understand how reading works in both languages.

If you have native Spanish-speaking students who need to get a grasp on the concepts of literacy, focusing first Spanish reading comprehension will give them the tools to be comfortable reading, after which they can practice their English by reading books with the same pictures and storylines, but different text.

One of the most common problems faced in language immersion programs today is a lack of suitable children's books for kindergarten and up. Our dual language sets are some of the best bilingual book collections you'll find for dual immersion schools. Your dual language learners will benefit from English and Spanish books for beginners to literacy that were specifically designed with reading levels in mind.

The students in your dual language school or dual language classroom will reap the benefits of bilingual education more quickly and to a greater degree if they are given ample access to a classroom library that pairs texts of both languages. Browse our selection to see all the English and Spanish nonfiction and fiction—we're adding more all the time!