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Joy Cowley's Mrs. Wishy-Washy books become instant favorites in any classroom library! The Joy Cowley Collection features six Mrs. Wishy-Washy titles showing this beloved character and her farm animal friends on comical adventures. Joy Cowley Early Birds bring Joy’s signature humor to lower reading levels, with 15 titles in that series. Joy Cowley Classics feature 2 additional original character-driven stories for early grades. Big book versions of 21 titles are perfect for shared reading and read-alouds. Grade levels K–1. Reading levels B–I.

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Make a Splash with Mrs. Wishy-Washy Books!

There are few classroom characters more beloved than Mrs. Wishy-Washy by Joy Cowley. Something about the shenanigans that happen on Mrs. Wishy-Washy’s farm are unforgettable. The washer-woman herself is hilarious and ingenious, and the other Mrs. Wishy-Washy characters—Mrs. Wishy-Washy’s cow, pig, and duck, and her partner Mr. Wishy-Washy—interact with her in a delightful way.

Time and again, teachers who bring Mrs. Wishy-Washy books into their classrooms report back to us with their students’ love of this classic character. And the hunt for a Mrs. Wishy-Washy big book online is a common one—one that our Joy Cowley big book set satisfies, with over a dozen tales featuring Mrs. Wishy-Washy and friends.

Joy Cowley is well known for predictable books for emergent readers (guided reading levels D–J), and the Joy Cowley Early Birds series and Joy Cowley Collection both have lovely Mrs. Wishy-Washy stories in that range. Each title features teacher’s notes with questions and activities about the story.

Mrs. Wishy-Washy’s tub may be a place that her animals scramble to avoid, but it’s been the inspiration for generations of students and their teachers—so many have shared their own homegrown Mrs. Wishy-Washy activities, Mrs. Wishy-Washy song lyrics, and even more than one Mrs. Wishy-Washy Halloween costume has made an appearance in author Joy Cowley’s correspondence.

Bring all this inspiration and “Joy” into your classroom with our Mrs. Wishy-Washy big books and Mrs. Wishy-Washy leveled readers—and maybe even a Mrs. Wishy-Washy doll!