Spanish Fable Books

Authentic Spanish Fables for K-2
  • 30 Fables
  • Grade Levels K–2 | Reading Levels E–M
  • 10 Fable Big Books for Shared Reading & Read Alouds
  • Perfect for K-2 Bilingual and Dual Language Classrooms


Discover the magic of fables with our engaging collection of Spanish Fable Books for bilingual and dual language students in grades K-2. This collection of 30 Spanish fables features much-loved fables such as La hormiga y el chapulín, El elefante y el ratón, and La tortuga y el conejo, and comes in both leveled reader and big book format. Designed for elementary bilingual and dual language classrooms, these books are filled with captivating stories that teach valuable life and moral lessons. Each Spanish fable is presented with simple, engaging text and vibrant illustrations, and designed to stimulate young imaginations and foster a deeper understanding of moral concepts and life lessons. Explore our selection today and bring the rich tradition of fables into your bilingual or dual language classroom. Grade levels K–2. Reading levels E–M.

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Authentic Spanish Fable Books for K-2 Bilingual and Dual Language Classrooms

Our selection of authentic Spanish fable books for kids in grades K-2 are a captivating collection of fables that blend storytelling with moral and life lessons, and are ideal for elementary Spanish, bilingual, and dual language immersion classrooms. These books contain tales where animals, as well as people, navigate various adventures and challenges, and in doing so, discover and understand various life lessons and moral values. Written in Spanish that is both simple and engaging to young readers, these fables help young bilingual students improve their Spanish language reading skills, while exploring themes such as friendship, honesty, perseverance, and more. Each story is complemented by vibrant and eye-catching illustrations that captivate children's imaginations and aid in the understanding of fables' moral lessons.

These Spanish fable books are specifically designed to appeal to young readers, making complex life and moral lessons and ideas understandable and relatable. The stories within each fable encourage young bilingual students to think critically about the morals presented and how they apply to their own lives. By integrating these fables into daily lessons, bilingual and dual language teachers can provide a well-rounded educational experience that fosters both elementary Spanish language proficiency and the learning of moral and life lessons. This dual focus makes these Spanish fables invaluable resource for bilingual and dual language educators aiming to nurture well-rounded, thoughtful elementary students.