2018 New Big Books

New Big Book Titles for 2018

Expand your classroom's library of big books with these brand-new additions to our catalog. We've added 40 new big books: fables, informational texts, Spanish, and more. You can click here to see all of our big books. Read on to learn about the newest big book titles, and bookmark this page for the next time you have library funds available!

Fables & the Real World - Fiction

Our first 10 fables big books were so popular that we decided to double the fun! These 10 new titles each have a fantastic fable with a life lesson at the end.

These new big books are leveled G–I. You can click here to see all the big books available in this series, including the new titles.

Fables & the Real World - Informational

We keep hearing from teachers that they need more nonfiction and informational big books, so we created these 10 big versions of our popular Real World titles. 

These big books are leveled E–I, and each one is loaded with informational text features, such as bolded terms, a glossary, an index, and more!

You can click here to see purchasing options that include these books.

Kaleidoscope Collection

There's no such thing as too many low-leveled big books, so we added 10 more titles to our Kaleidoscope big books, all level E and below.

This series explores topics relating to world knowledge and social themes such as friendship, with a focus on including diverse faces and backgrounds.

Click here to see all the big books in this series.

Colección Joy Cowley Big Books

We've added 10 new titles to our big book selection in this series! The Spanish adaptations of the beloved Joy Cowley Collection, these books quickly become favorites for shared reading and read aloud in any bilingual or immersion classroom. 

 There are 15 big books in this series, at guided reading levels H–K. Click here to view sample pages, and click here to see purchase options.