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See What's New in 2021!


Delight your students by adding new engaging leveled texts to your classroom library! This year we've published  more of your young readers' favorites with fables from around the world, restored classics from Joy Cowley, and over 115 new titles adapted into authentic Spanish. Of course, we've also expanded our selection of big books!



Fables & the Real World   retells classic fables and pairs each with three related nonfiction titles. Fables feature stories from different cultures and are a great way to introduce SEL themes to young learners. Nonfiction titles in this set offer a range of unique topics to build real-world knowledge.  Guided Reading Levels: E–M | New in 2021: 40 Titles


This humor-filled series showcases many of Joy Cowley's most beloved characters, including Mrs. Wishy-Washy, Hungry Giant, the Meanies, Greedy Cat, and more! These original titles are newly restored and now available to inspire the next generation of beginning readers. Guided Reading Levels: B–K | New in 2021: 16 Titles 


This Spanish series for beginning readers explores a variety of exciting animals from eleven different habitats. These high-interest nonfiction books, adapted into authentic Spanish from  Zoozoo Animal World showcase a mix of well-known and unusual animals from around the world.   Guided Reading Levels: A–H | New in 2021: 30 Titles 



Colección Mi Mundo  is a high-interest informational text series that builds social studies, science, and SEL content knowledge . It is adapted into authentic Spanish from the  My World Collection Guided Reading Levels: B–F | New in 2021: 48 Titles  


This new series of charming stories centers on the humorous misadventures of the mischievous Greedy Cat and his owner Katie. It is adapted into authentic Spanish from Joy Cowley's popular  Greedy Cat  titles.  Guided Reading Levels: D–K | New in 2021: 10 Titles 


Los Pajaritos de Joy Cowley  offers new Spanish adaptations featuring the humorous tales of Mrs. Wishy-Washy and Little Rabbit from Joy Cowley Early Birds! These delightful narrative texts are excellent for beginning readers in any K–1 bilingual or dual language classroom. Guided Reading Levels: C–G | New in 2021: 30 Titles

Our big book collection now includes 225+ titles in English and Spanish . With more captivating fables, intriguing nonfiction books, and brand new stories from Joy Cowley.      

The Bear & Bobcat Big Books   (size: 15” x 15”) comprise five special Joy Cowley children’s books perfect for read-alouds. These original, 24-page storybooks will thrill and delight readers of all ages. New in 2021: 5 Titles   


These fable big books feature thirty classic stories from cultures around the world . Showcasing beautiful artwork and retold for K–2 classrooms they are an excellent way to introduce SEL themes to young learners. Guided Reading Levels: E–M | New in 2021: 10 Titles 


Colección Caleidoscopio Big Books   feature a terrific mix of low-level fiction and nonfiction titles . Adapted into authentic Spanish from the Kaleidoscope Collection, these big books are ideal for K–1 bilingual and dual language classrooms. Guided Reading Levels: A–E | New in 2021: 10 Titles   



Our K–2 digital collection includes over 1,000 of our most popular leveled fiction and nonfiction books in English and Spanish. Each title supports students through text highlighting and "Read-to-Me" audio narration.