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A Week of Mrs. Wishy Washy!

Kendel or as her students know her, Miss Brady, has combined her love for travel with working and teaching abroad. We at Hameray still marvel over her amazing Mrs. Wishy-Washy Blog entry. Now that we have our own blog up and running, we could not help but share. Miss Brady pulled together a variety of resources to create a week full of great Mrs. Wishy-Washy activities for her Year 1 class. 

What first caught our attention was the great use of a sand table to build a Mrs. Wishy-Washy diorama. Plastic animals also helped build the story but this really is just the appetizer to her stellar Mrs. Wishy-Washy menu. A great mix of crafts and other activities inspired by The Story Museum and Making Learning Fun helped Miss Brady lead her class through their weeklong Mrs. Wishy-Washy adventure.

"Former teacher and now professional author/ storyteller, Adam Guillain visited our school to teach the storytelling method. One of the most influential skills I gathered was the use of a story map to help retell a story."

All of this culminates in a hysterical moment on the Friday of this special week.

"On Friday morning, I had our classroom TA take over registration while I hid in the closet and stuffed my belly and bottom with pillows. Our TA started to read Mrs. Wishy-washy. As soon as she got to the part, “along came Mrs. Wishy-washy,” I burst into the classroom with a snappy temper and bossy instructions. Children with toothpaste-covered sleeves and scruffy looking uniforms were ordered into the tub for a good scrub.  The uproarious laughter was so loud that the principal came to see what was the matter. We all had a really good laugh!"

Wow! If that is not enough, visit her blog to read how Miss Brady's amazing Mrs. Wishy-Washy week ended with an even more humorous punch line. Yes, it gets even better! Go to Miss Brady's Teaching Abroad blog:http://www.educating-abroad.com/?p=195 and also check out some bonus fun at her Pinterest profile:http://pinterest.com/eatingabroad/

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