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Animals in the Classroom

This is a guest blog post by Becca Ross, who usually writes over at   Love, Laughter, and Literacy . To read more from her, come back here for more posts from her or check out her blog!

I have a confession to make. I’m on a mission to add some animals to my classroom. I’m excited about the idea of digging into some new science inquiry projects based on animal exploration. One of the books I received to review from Hameray Publishing Group is called  Where Do Animals Live?

This book is going to be my kick-off in animal exploration to prepare the students for adding animals to our classroom. The book has repetitive text, which is great for kindergarten students as they are learning to gain independence in their reading. It may have even encouraged me to jump head first into our first animal experience. See that pretty little girl in the background? 

The best part of this book is the back. I love the suggestions for teachers and parents.

The idea of creating animal homes is my favorite. Like most teachers, I collect a variety of materials. I can’t wait to set things out in our art center and let kids start to build their own animals homes.

My dream is to take our study of animals and their homes and move to our courtyard as well. We have a beautiful space inside of our school walls that I would love to make into an exploration space including birds and their needs.


There are so many exciting changes coming and I’m thrilled to let   Where Do Animals Live?   help kick things off! Are you ready to meet our new guest in kindergarten? Meet Peanut! She’s our 30-year-old Box Turtle who has joined us! I totally blame my new book for this little adventure. We simply HAD to take things to the next level when answering,   Where Do Animals Live?


Happy reading!


To learn more about   Where Do Animals Live?   and the   My World  series, click on the image below and download an information sheet!