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Did You Know About Our Free Teacher's Guides?

Our   teacher resource page   contains free, downloadable PDFs of teacher's guides to some of our most popular series. 

The Hameray Biography Series has individual teacher's guides for all 30 titles in the series.

(More titles available on   the download page )!

The My World series has a teacher's guide that works for all 50 books in the series.

And the Oral Language Development series has a teacher's guide showing teacher talk and how to work students through the language structures. 


We are also working on teacher's guides for some of our other series, such as Story World Real World, and will announce them on our mailing list when they are ready. 

In addition to these teacher's guides, we are also working on a new project where the product page for EACH BOOK will show inside pages for that book, so stay tuned for these improvements to our site! This improvement comes to you courtesy of feedback from our customers and conference attendees, so be sure to  tell us what you think  of our website, blog posts, and products! We're always looking to make improvements for you! :)