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Fairy Tale Activities Make Learning Fun! (Includes FREE download!)

This is a guest post by Susan Paul, who will be contributing a series of posts over the next few months. If you like what you see here, check back frequently for more posts from here and click here to read her blog, The Fun FactoryClick here to see her other posts on our blog!

My last two blog posts were about fairy tales. The posts discussed the importance of reading fairy tales for teaching the basics of story elements, teaching the difference between fiction and non-fiction and making predictions. Enriching a child’s imagination and creativity by using fairy tales was also discussed as was the connection to problem solving.

Today I would like to talk about another reason we should read fairy tales to our children. How about because children love them?! How many times do children beg to hear Goldilocks and the Three Bears  or Three Little Pigs  over and over again? They don’t ask to reread the stories because they are learning skills. Children ask for rereads because they love the stories!

One story the kids ask to read over and over again is The Princess and the FrogThe Story World Real World is great to use when the kids ask to re-read the story again and again because their love of the story makes it easy to bridge to the nonfiction books Fantastic Frogs  and Castles. These books provide fun and interesting facts that tie into the elements of The Princess and the FrogFantastic Frogs  helps teach interesting, fun facts about frogs. Castles  describes what life was like inside real castles. What I found was that the students not only asked to reread The Princess and the Frogthey also asked to reread Fantastic Frogs  and Castles  over and over again!!

In conclusion, remember that we must read fairy tales to children for many reasons. But the most important reason to a child is because they love them!



Susan Paul is an Early Childhood Specialist from Houston, Texas. Susan has taught more years than she is willing to admit, all in prekindergarten through second grade. Her passion is in pre-K but she has the most years in second grade. Susan loves dressing up as different book characters and has written a book. The book is a collection of songs she has written over the last twenty-five years to help teach skills and transitions. Visit Susan at her Facebook pageblogand on Teachers Pay Teachers for more great teaching ideas.


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