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Free Audiobook Listen: Mrs. Wishy-Washy & the Big Farm Fair!
 Everyone loves   Mrs. Wishy-Washy ! Today we bring you a special treat: the audiobook version of   Mrs. Wishy-Washy and the Big Farm Fair , read by the author herself, Joy Cowley! Joy's reading of her popular story is full of whimsy and enthusiasm. She brings life to the characters, not only through her well-chosen words, but also through playful imaginings of the voice of each character.

In this book, Mrs. Wishy-Washy wants to take the animals to be judged at the fair, but she discovers one big problem: they are breaking her four important rules!

Gather your class together with their copies of the book, and have a listen!

Mrs. Wishy-Washy & the Big Farm Fair


This book is part of the   Joy Cowley Collection Green Set ; if you like what you hear here, a CD is available with this featured audiobook and the other 14 books in the set.   Click here   to learn more about the Green Set CD.

We also have audiobook CDs available for the Red Set and the Orange Set of the Joy Cowley Collection—if you've ever wondered how Joy Cowley imagined her characters to sound, you can find out by exploring her collection aurally!

Children love story time. As much as they find the process of learning to read delighting and rewarding, sometimes they just want to sit back and be swept away into a world of fantasy. These audiobooks can provide endless entertainment—offer your students a chance to lip-sync the character parts in costume, inspire them to create and record their own stories, or just lead a class read-along with each student following the words on the page!

If you're curious about the other books in the series, you can check out the series highlights by clicking on the image below.

- Tara Rodriquez