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Fun at School

This is a guest blog post by Becca Ross, who usually writes over at   Love, Laughter, and Literacy . To read more from her, come back here for more posts from her or check out her blog!

Here in the Pacific Northwest, most of us begin school in September. With a good 4 weeks under our belts, things are finally settling in and we’re having some fun at school!

In my kindergarten classroom, kids spend time playing each day. They draw, write, paint, build, play cars, play house, create with Play-Doh, and much more.

One of the books published by Hameray Publishing is all about having fun at school.

Fun at School   is a book with repetitive text that shows kids doing fun activities in their classrooms.

This is a great book for letting kids make connections to their own lives and building their schema! It is also a fabulous opportunity to talk about the important work of PLAY in the classroom. I want my students to know WHY they are doing certain activities each day. I want them to understand that the tools I put out for painting, manipulating Play-Doh, and picking up beans are not only fun, but they are also great at strengthening muscles in their hands... the same muscles we use every day when we are writing! I also want kids to know that I value story telling and that their stories at the dollhouse, cars, and puppets are important aspects of language development. There are so many lessons we teach each day in the classroom, while our kids think they are just going to have fun.

So, yes, we do have fun at school. But, like the book says, we are learning at school too!

Happy learning!


To learn more about   Fun at School   and the   My World   series, click on the image below and download an information sheet!