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Hameray Herald: New Year's 2014 Issue

Looking back on 2013, a lot of exciting things have happened here at Hameray! We started our literacy blog, as well as creating a Pinterest page (which includes a repository of our free downloadable worksheets) and coming out with a fun new app based on our Underwater Encounters series! We even put up flip book previews of all our series! With new books and new blog posts coming out in 2014, we look forward to providing you with a lot of useful information in the year to come!


The Power of Anchor Charts

Lyssa Sahadevan explains anchor charts and how they can be useful in the classroom in this post that includes a video.

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How to Catch a Gingerbread Man

Elizabeth Hall shares information on teaching transitional words to kindergarteners in this story-based unit.

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Under the Sea is an educational app based on our Underwater Encounters series. Designed by Playrific for the iPad and iPhone, Under the Sea provides brain-boosting interactive activities and interesting, educational facts about many different varieties of sea creatures.
Flip Through Sample Books. Want to see our books firsthand? Check out our flipbook collection that includes sample books from each of our series. Learn more here.