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Hameray's Middle School Level Books

Reluctant readers exist at every grade level, from kindergarten to twelfth grade.   While they are plenty of lower-leveled guided reading books in the educational market, it can be difficult to find higher-leveled books . This problem is especially difficult for middle school English teachers, where the school literacy program may not be as robust as their elementary school counterparts.

Hameray offers leveled books from Guided Reading Level A through Y. The two highest-level book series are the Download Series and the   Extraordinary Files —together, they make a great combination of nonfiction and fiction books for your classroom! Best of all, every book in the series is clearly leveled, so you never need to guess about the textual complexity of a book.


Extraordinary Files   is a fast-paced fiction series, where two FBI agents tackle various supernatural mysteries. The titles in the series range from Guided Reading Level T–Y, allowing students to continue enjoying the series as their reading skills develop.  

The relationships between characters are complex and contain romantic elements that will appeal to a middle school audience. With 48 pages in each book, the   Extraordinary Files   series offers a substantive   and   accessible option for teen students.

The   Download Series   titles range from levels Q to T. Each title focuses on a high-interest topic, such as   Motorcycles (level T) and   Basketball   (level S). In addition to informational facts, the books also contain fictional stories featuring older characters—the protagonist in   Cool Brands   (level T) uses aftershave, something that older students can relate to.

Other Hameray series like  Underwater Encounters  and  Hameray Biography Series   contain titles up to Guided Reading Level S. Look no further for middle school leveld books!


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