Hameray Classroom Literacy Blog

Have Great Teaching Ideas? Write for Our Literacy Blog!

Do you like to write? Do you have a teaching blog or website with ideas you'd like to spread? Do you know a K–8 teacher whose creative classroom activities could use some well-deserved recognition? Have you, yourself, hit upon a strategy that you think works so well that you'd love to share it with others? Come stand in our Teacher Spotlight, or sign on as a guest blogger!

We're looking for bloggers and teachers with unique, fun perspectives to feature on our blog this spring and summer! Our Teacher Spotlight runs least once a month, possibly more often, with the aim of inspiring the teaching community with the innovative work of teachers who have a true passion for what they're doing. We'll broadcast your ideas here on our blog, distributing them through social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

Slightly different from the Teacher Spotlight, our guest blog posts are featured one to three times per week, and bloggers usually sign on for a run of four to six posts at a time. These posts can increase the visibility and traffic of your own blog, and ensure that your contributions to education are seen far and wide.

Each teacher and guest blogger we choose will get some Hameray "goodies" from a series that fits their classroom needs—early literacy, oral language development, striving readers in upper grades, informational text, or literature. You can develop your classroom library at the same time as you share ideas with other educators on how you use the series in your classroom.

If you are interested, tell us a little more about yourself here and someone will contact you to participate in the Teacher Spotlight, guest blogging, or BOTH!