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Hi-Lo Books for Movie Fanatics

Books have a lot of competition in the modern day—children are increasingly turning to TV, video games, and the internet as their preferred form of entertainment. Many reluctant readers love watching movies, but find books to be stuffy or boring. Different media don’t have to exist in isolation to each other, though.   Why not capture your reluctant reader’s interest with books   about   movies?

Behind the Scenes: Special Effects , from the   Download   series, discusses the various cinematic features included in movies. Readers learn about stop-motion animation, stuntmen, CGI, and more! The book showcases many pivotal moments in moviemaking history, such as the first movie with special effects and the first IMAX film. Any movie buff will be thrilled to read about the work that goes into moviemaking. Best of all, the book is filled with photographs from famous movie franchises such as   King Kong   and   Spiderman .

The Hameray Biography Series highlights the life of   Walt Disney , one of the most famous moviemakers of all time. The biography traces Walt Disney’s path to fame with   Steamboat Willie   and   Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.   Today, Walt Disney’s name still makes any child perk up with excitement; even your most reluctant reader will be drawn to this high-interest book!

Specifically written for students reading below their grade,   Behind the Scenes: Special Effects   and   Walt Disney   are perfect high-interest, low-level books . Your students will realize that books are just as entertaining as movies … and some books can even make movie-watching more interesting!


To download information about   Download Series ,   click the left image below. To download a free Teacher's Guide for   Walt Disney , click the right image below.