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Kids as Authors Contest Winners!

We are thrilled by the response to the Kids As Authors Writing Contest! Hundreds of students have penned their own stories to accompany one of our Into the Wild Wordless books–Brothers or Helpful HippoWe received entries from kindergarteners, first grade, and second grade students from across the country. The stories warmed our hearts and tickled our bellies; there was absolutely no shortage of creativity!

Because of the incredible response, it wasn't easy to select only three winners; so we picked SIXCongratulations to the winners. You can read their stories below. We will also be featuring some of our other favorites over the next few weeks, so periodically check back on our blog for more.

Thank you to all the students, parents, and teachers who participated. We hope the experience was as fun for your child as it was for us! We look forward to doing this again soon.

Note: Books include light edits (punctuation and spelling) for clarity purposes only. You can see the original entries below.


Kindergarten Winners 

Daisy B. – Mrs. Woolery's Kindergarten Class, North Point Elementary (Lehi, Utah).  For her story about the Helpful Hippo, Daisy has won a $50 Hameray Gift Certificate! 



Original Entry by Daisy B.  


Caiden B. – Mrs. Olivieri's Kindergarten Class, Okte Elementary (Halfmoon, New York). For his funny story about best friends, Tigey and Roary, Caiden has won a $50 Hameray Gift Certificate! 


Original Entry by Caiden B.



First Grade Winners

Tripp L. – Ms. Pulte's First Grade Class, Pecan Creek Elementary (Denton, Texas). For his heartwarming story about two tiger brothers, Tripp has won a complete set of our science series STEM Explorations (26 titles)! 



Original Entry by Tripp L.



Evelyn C. – Mrs. Horton's First Grade Class, Holly Academy (Holly, Michigan). For her joyful story about a group of friends having a playdate, Evelyn has won a complete set of our science series STEM Explorations (26 titles)! 



Original Entry by Evelyn C. 



Second Grade Winners 

Isabella D. – Ms. Pieras's Second Grade Class, Lakeside Elementary (Pembroke Pines, Florida). For her story about two equally ferocious tigers, Isabella has won a the Inspire! Collection - Biography Set (20 titles)!



Original Entry by Isabella D.


Samantha C. – Mrs. Roberts & Mrs. Fairhurst's Second Grade Class, Howard Yocum Elementary (Mape Shade, NJ). For her story about Greg, the hippo, Samantha has won a the Inspire! Collection - Biography Set (20 titles)!



Original Entry by Samantha C. 



(We will be reaching out directly to the teacher or parent of each winner by email to arrange your prize!)

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