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Kids Can Do It! - Conner & Cayden Long's Inspirational Story
How Do Your Students Inspire You?
If you haven't seen the remarkable story of Conner and Cayden Long, prepare to be inspired! These two boys were named Sportskids Of the Year for Sports Illustrated Kids, and with good reason.  Cayden was born with hypertonic cerebral palsy, which has left him wheelchair-bound and unable to communicate through speech.  

One day, his brother Conner asked his mother if he could take part in a triathalon, but with the stipulation that Cayden also be able to participate.  His parents talked with the organizers of the event and Cayden was allowed into the race. Conner pulled his brother in a little boat while swimming, hitched his brother to his bicycle in a children's bicycle trailer, and unhitched the trailer to push him across the finish line after the jogging leg of the triathalon.  Conner was able to gage how much Cayden was having fun by his laughter and smiles.  Check out this beautiful video and the moment that almost brought basketball star,
LeBron James, to tears. 


What do you do to encourage your students to better understand and empathize with the people and world around them?  Do you know of a child with an amazing story that needs to be shared?  Let us know in the comments section!


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