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Exploring Paired Texts with Inspire!

By Sarah McDonagh 

Today, we're going to be taking a look inside the Inspire! Collection. This series consists of 20 biographies covering the lives of trailblazing cultural icons, from figures in the arts to renowned athletes, to the scientists changing the world. Each biography has a companion nonfiction chapter book that explores a key theme related to the individual's life.

These paired sets are ideal for helping students build analytical skills and real-world knowledge about subjects that hold their interest. When readers encounter texts that have different features and purposes, they can apply different decoding and understanding strategies.

Eager to see what a paired set looks like? Here is one of the twenty paired sets offered.  

Take a peek inside the biography of basketball legend, Michael Jordan and read the first chapter! 

After students have read all about of Michael Jordan's triumphs with the Chicago Bulls and the 1992 Dream Team, they can move on to the accompanying nonfiction title Let's Visit the Basketball Hall of Fame, we've included the first chapter below. With this title, readers can learn more about basketball's history by reading about the hall of fame! 


Learn more about the entire Inspire! Collection here or click below to download the brochure!