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Make Your Own Letter Buddies!

 Have you met the Letter Buddies? The   Letter Buddies Series   offers children an engaging way to familiarize themselves with the alphabet and build a strong foundation for literacy skills. From   Blends Books   that feature common consonant blends to   LetterMats   for snacktime exploration,   Lette r Buddies   encourages learning in a variety of settings.

Perhaps the most exciting part of the series, though, is the line-up of Letter Buddy characters. Each letter in the alphabet is personified into a fun, eye-catching creature with a unique personality. Meet them all below!

You can find a Letter Buddy in every book of the   Letter Buddies  series. The block-printed letter buddy characters will ensure that your student can recognize alphabet letters in various fonts, an important aspect of letter-shape knowledge.

As an oral language activity, have your student choose their favorite letter buddy. You can find each letter on the covers of the  Letter Buddies Letter Books . Discuss that letter’s personality traits (jumpy, loud, kind), and then ask your student to make up a story about the letter.

What does Happy H like to do? Why do you think Happy H is happy? Who is Happy H’s best friend

The Letter Buddy characters only feature the 26 uppercase letters in the alphabet—why not make your own class set of lowercase letter buddies? Assign a letter to each student. Brainstorm together to think of a “describing word” (adjective) that starts with their letter but is different from the uppercase letter buddy’s adjective! For example, Chatty C’s lowercase friend might be “cute c.” This exercise will help the students identify different words that begin with a certain letter.

Once the describing word has been decided, have the students write their lowercase letter and illustrate it with hands, eyes, feet, etc. Assist the students in labeling their letter buddy. Compile everyone’s drawings into a class set of Letter Buddies! 

Who is your favorite Letter Buddy? Let us know in the comments below!


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