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Martin Luther King Jr. and Black History Month

Yesterday, many schools across America observed Martin Luther King Jr. Day. While teachers and students both enjoy the extended weekend, we must never forget that this day serves to remember Dr. King’s achievements and dreams of racial equality.   With Black History Month only two weeks away, now is the ideal time to introduce African-American biographies into your classroom!

The   Hameray Biography Series   features the life stories of famous African-Americans:   Martin Luther King Jr. ,   Harriet Tubman , Muhammad Ali , Barack Obama , and   Jackie Robinson . Although his work was based in South Africa,   Nelson Mandela ’s fight to end apartheid is also a relevant and inspirational account during Black History Month. Providing a diversity of historical topics, from the Civil War to Major League Baseball, your students will be sure to find a biography that piques their interests. 

At Guided Reading Level M–S, each biography is written as a Hi-Lo text for reluctant readers. Our Hameray Biography Series   Teacher’s Guides   provide ideas for you to build social studies   and   literacy knowledge at the same time!   Each   Teacher’s Guide  is specifically tailored to one biography, saving you plenty of time when you create lesson plans. 

You can download the Hameray Biography Series   Teacher’s Guide   for FREE by visiting   our website   or clicking on the images below. Extend your student’s knowledge of black historical figures and their passionate work towards social equality!


Click the images below to download the Hameray Biography Series Teacher's Guides.