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RRCNA Reports: Study Shows That i3 Reading Recovery Is Working!

In a   recent newsletter , the Reading Recovery Council of North America described a recent report published in  the June 2015 issue of the  American Educational Research Journal  that confirms the effectiveness of the  USDE-awarded Investing in Innovation (i3) grant to scale up Reading Recovery across the United States.

The highlights of the study, as reported by RRCNA, include the following:
-"Reading Recovery students achieved accelerated progress with a  growth rate 38% greater than the national average  growth rate for beginning first graders, gaining nearly 2 months more learning compared to typical first graders taking the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS). Authors described the effect size as 'large relative to typical effect sizes found in educational evaluations.'"

-"In extensive interviews with teachers in training in this project, 'many teachers reported that their   Reading Recovery training was transformative   in terms of their own instruction and understanding about literacy.'"

-"'The quality of implementation and large positive effects of Reading Recovery during the first year of this i3 scale-up suggest that the   $55 million investment is paying off . Although more specific cost-effectiveness results won’t be available until the final year of the project, these early results are very encouraging.'"

As always, we at Hameray support Reading Recovery, and we are very pleased to hear that word of its effectiveness is getting out! Click the link to read more about our latest book featuring a method of school improvement that relies on Reading Recovery as a cornerstone:  Changing Minds, Changing Schools, Changing Systems: Comprehensive Literacy Design for School Improvement .