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Tying Your Vowel Lesson in with Stories—with FREE Download!

This is a guest post by blogger Laureen. If you like what you see here, you can check out her blog,   Teach with Laughter , for more of her writing.

Hi there, it’s Laureen stopping in from Teach With Laughter to share my excitement with you about the series of leveled readers called   Story World Real World .   Each pack includes four books. The Story World book is a traditional story, and it is accompanied by three nonfiction books that relate to the story. This post is the first of two about   The Greedy Dog and the Very Big Bone Theme Set .

The traditional story of   The Greedy Dog and the Very Big Bone    lends itself to a great discussion about always wanting more. Sometimes we just need to be happy with what we have.

The three accompanying informational texts will grab your student`s attention and can easily be related to the story.   Bones    teaches students interesting facts about bones.   Mirror Magic    is about reflections and mirrors (too bad the Greedy Dog didn’t know this information!).   Dogs at Work    talks about the fact that dogs aren’t just pets—many have jobs. The four books are guided reading levels K/L making them perfect companion books!

I usually like to have some kind of follow-up activity for my small groups,   so I created an activity that related to the story and also a skill my first-graders are working on: long and short vowels.

On each of ten bones, there are pictures and words of items that either have the short ‘o’ or long ‘o’ sound. They are to be sorted onto the two sorting mats. I have included a student instruction card to keep students on task when I am unable to be with them and a recording page to check for understanding.


Laureen is a first-grade teacher in Canada. She has been teaching kindergarten and grade one for more than twenty years.   Laureen loves to make learning fun and you can find her at her blog,   Teach With Laughter . You can also   visit her TPT page here .


To learn more about Story World Real World,   click here to visit our website , or click the series highlights image below to download information sheets with key features .   To get today's free activity download, click the image to the right below!