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A Video Introduction to the Oral Language Development Series

The wonderful folks at the   New Teacher Center , who were our partners in the creation of the   Oral Language Development Series , created this informative video introduction to the language readers in the series.

The product of a grant from the Hewlett Foundation to the New Teacher Center to support oral language development, a group of mentors and teachers created the series to provide repeated exposure to common language structures and vocabulary in context. These Oral Language Readers were designed to support oral language development through interaction with text, as oral language is the foundation of learning to read and write.

Watch the video now, then check out a flipbook of one of the language readers below!

 Click on the flipbook to view at a larger size:

If you'd like more information on the Oral Language Development Series,  click here to see more on our website , or click the image below to download an information sheet with key features.