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Bringing A Fairy Tale to Life—with FREE Download!

This is a guest post by blogger Sarah Cooley. If you like what you see here, you can check out her blog,  First Grader... At Last! , for more of her writing.

One of the most popular reading stations in my classroom is my   Poetry & Plays   basket. This station is an interactive experience for my students, where they can explore poetry or reenact their favorite stories in play form. Y'all... my students just love doing this, especially when props are involved!

My props for this workstation basket vary. Some are as simple as drawings of characters that I have hand-drawn, laminated, and cut out. Other times, I’ll find an adorable clip art set that can be made into stick puppets.

This week, we read the popular fairy tale   Little Red Riding Hood   of the   Story World Real World   series. After reading the book, I typed up the story as a reader’s theatre.

Then I added a variety of props to the Poetry & Plays basket. As soon as I introduced the props, my students could NOT wait to get to the station to begin acting out the story!

I found many of the items around my classroom and house – the basket, little toy cookies, scarf and glasses. I purchased a red apron from Hobby Lobby for around $2. A helpful hint—if you ever find yourself without props, many parents are willing to help out by donating items!


Sarah is a first-grade teacher in Alabama. Sarah  loves to make learning fun and you can find here at her blog,   First Grader...At Last!  You can also visit   her TPT page here .


To learn more about   Story World Real World ,   click here to visit our website , or click the series highlights image below to download information sheets with key features .   To get today's free activity download, the prop basket list and script, click the image to the right below!