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Celebrating Women's History Month!

 We are so excited to begin celebrating Women’s History Month in March, that we wanted to take the time and space to honor those women whose careers and achievements continue to inspire us!  


Mia Hamm is one of the first international stars of women’s soccer. Her hard work and dedication to training led her to excel on the field and become one of the highest-scoring players in US Soccer history. Mia’s absolute dedication to soccer is a reminder that if a complete effort is given, you give yourself the best chance to succeed.    


Joy Cowley’s books have reached an immeasurable amount of children over her writing career, supporting them while they learn to read and write.  While Joy thoughtfully approaches her responsibility for helping students learn, she always incorporates a sense of humor into her stories. Joy’s attitude that learning should be fun is something we greatly admire and respect. 


Rosa Parks had a long history of speaking out against injustice.  Her direct action of claiming space for herself on that Montgomery bus that fateful day in 1955, empowered others to begin speaking up and claiming space for themselves. Rosa’s bravery to speak out against inequity is something that continues to inspire to this day!





Marie Curie is often credited as the mother of modern physics for her work in radioactivity, finding two previously unknown chemical components.  She achieved in a field that was not welcoming to women but persisted because of her determination to find answers to the questions she had. Marie’s persistent curiosity and dedication to seeking answers is an encouragement to do the same.




Serena Williams is a groundbreaking athlete and a self-made businesswoman. While she uses her physical gifts to dominate on the tennis court, she employs her business savvy and passion for design to build a successful business away from tennis. Serena’s refusal to be "just an athlete" is a reminder to us all that we should chase our passions without limitation.





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